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The Business of the Book
Posted on 7/27/2015

Last week, thousands of authors descended upon a NYC hotel to take workshops, network and learn more about the “business of the book” at a top writers conference. I signed copies “Stages of Desire” and met readers, which was a blast, and came away inspired and awed. Because it was a conference for writers of romance and women’s fiction, there were way more women than men: savvy, opinionated and smart women.

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"Stages of Desire" Climbs Amazon
Posted on 6/24/2015

I’m thrilled to announce that my second historical romance, “Stages of Desire,” hit the number 3 spot on Amazon last week. It hovered just behind two of Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” books, which is an honor in itself!

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Romance by the Numbers
Posted on 4/15/2015

“How did you start writing romance?” is a question I get a lot. The short answer: I had a story idea and figured the rules of the romance genre would provide a template for developing it into a full manuscript – a “follow-the-dots” of sorts. But as I did more research and read the latest best-selling historical dramas filled with complicated plots and page-turning tension, I came to the sickening realization that this would be a whole lot harder than I thought. However, I’m the kind of person who loves to keep lists and cross items off, which meant I couldn’t get off the train of plotting the story and chugging through the first draft once I’d started.

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Sample My New Book

Stages of Desire
London, 1808

Miss Farley led the way out of the barn to a small creek, knelt down, and washed her hands, drying them off on her skirt. He couldn’t help but notice the flash of petticoats when she did so, as well as a view of her slender ankle. The sight of her was disconcerting. He cleared his throat in an effort to regain his composure. … Read More


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