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#1 on Amazon!
Posted on 3/19/2015

Exciting news this week. A popular romance newsletter called Bookbub listed “A Question of Class” as one of its free ebooks of the day, and it shot up to the top of Amazon’s historical romance rankings. Huge thanks to Bookbub and my publisher, Kensington/Lyrical, for putting it out there. The freebie is spurring sales of “Stages of Desire” as well. I’m thrilled!!

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Stepping Onstage
Posted on 3/11/2015

I worked as an actress for many years before turning to fiction, but when it came time to write about theater in Regency-era England, I was stymied. I knew what it felt like to step onstage in front of hundreds of people, so I could easily relate to the nerves that my heroine feels, but the concrete details eluded me.

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Opposites Attract
Posted on 12/17/2014

For my second historical romance, “Stages of Desire,” I knew I wanted to use the theater as a backdrop for the plot. It was easy to come up with the character of Harriet as my heroine - a young woman who grew up in a family of strolling actors but was pawned off to a duchess six years ago by her father, as a companion to the duchess’s spoiled daughter. She experiences a definite rise in her standard of living, but misses life on the road. For the hero, I decided to go in the opposite direction...

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Sample My New Book

A Question of Class

New York City, 1808
Catherine strained her eyes to see what she faced: a band of robbers looking for easy prey under the cover of night, or perhaps a couple of drunken sots returning from a long night of carousing. Either way, she’d be at their mercy. She bit her lip. If only the moon had been brighter, if only she’d kept a sharper eye on what was ahead of her. … Read More


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RT @RomanceatRandom: A Touch of Passion: @bronwenevans_nz talks to @juliatagan about her new release! http://t.co/vOeGigKBSK
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