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Romance by the Numbers
Posted on 4/15/2015

“How did you start writing romance?” is a question I get a lot. The short answer: I had a story idea and figured the rules of the romance genre would provide a template for developing it into a full manuscript – a “follow-the-dots” of sorts. But as I did more research and read the latest best-selling historical dramas filled with complicated plots and page-turning tension, I came to the sickening realization that this would be a whole lot harder than I thought. However, I’m the kind of person who loves to keep lists and cross items off, which meant I couldn’t get off the train of plotting the story and chugging through the first draft once I’d started.

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#1 on Amazon!
Posted on 3/19/2015

Exciting news this week. A popular romance newsletter called Bookbub listed “A Question of Class” as one of its free ebooks of the day, and it shot up to the top of Amazon’s historical romance rankings. Huge thanks to Bookbub and my publisher, Kensington/Lyrical, for putting it out there. The freebie is spurring sales of “Stages of Desire” as well. I’m thrilled!!

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Stepping Onstage
Posted on 3/11/2015

I worked as an actress for many years before turning to fiction, but when it came time to write about theater in Regency-era England, I was stymied. I knew what it felt like to step onstage in front of hundreds of people, so I could easily relate to the nerves that my heroine feels, but the concrete details eluded me.

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Sample My New Book

Stages of Desire
London, 1808

Miss Farley led the way out of the barn to a small creek, knelt down, and washed her hands, drying them off on her skirt. He couldn’t help but notice the flash of petticoats when she did so, as well as a view of her slender ankle. The sight of her was disconcerting. He cleared his throat in an effort to regain his composure. … Read More


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